By Reggie Smith Take me to a place in space, I’m sick and tired of the rat race; On a rocket ship no time to waste, I just want to gravitate. It’s out of sight, it’s out of sight… War Just so you know, HIV is not a gay disease,… Read more »

    By: Luther A. Virgil, MD It’s June 2017. So, where are we with the healthcare situation? Well, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) remains the law of the land—-and it remains under assault by a political group which has the majority in the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and the White House!!!… Read more »

    By: Reggie Smith I am tired of taking meds!!  I know that is not the politically correct position to take, but if you have been taking meds for any period of time, as I have, you might  just get tired of taking medications every day too!!  Adhererance means having to… Read more »

    By: Dr. Luther A. Virgil With the presence of new Federal, State, and Local leadership, the work that many of us do which is aimed at improving the lives of those who are underserved and with less resources looks to be harder.  However, our passion to succeed has not diminished. … Read more »

    By Reggie Smith I remember certain things from the time when I was a baby.  My mother confirms the events, but she says there is no way I should remember them.  Most people think that infants can’t think or remember certain facts or emotions just because they have not yet… Read more »

    By Reggie Smith I have been an athlete and sports fan all my life.  Sports have always been a wonderful way for me to learn about life and my attitudes.  Early on I learned that playing the games were fun, but it is more fun to win.  A harder lesson… Read more »

    by Dr. Luther Virgil The idea of working less but achieving more is not new.  In fact, I think anyone who has been a parent has been exposed to the pleas of children who claim that if they just get a chance to sit around and watch TV or play… Read more »

    By Reggie Smith Believe it or not, I was the type of kid who was given to great big tantrums. I was known to tell a teacher “you ain’t my father”! I wanted what I wanted, when I wanted it. It wasn’t that I was rude or disrespectful to everyone…. Read more »

    by Venus Perez-Villars  Trying to understand how I sustained for over 30 years living with HIV and becoming pregnant is the ongoing mystery of my path. I wanted to become a mother, but I could not help worrying whether or not my child would be born ill. Life certainly has… Read more »

    By Denise Stokes The more I commit myself to love and peace, the more hatred and controversy surround me. I have such a powerful zest for life, love, smiles, and compassion I have no idea why this is so hard. But at the end of the day I care about… Read more »

    By Luther Virgil: The idea of working less but achieving more is not new.  In fact, I think anyone who has been a parent has been exposed to the pleas of children who claim that if they just get a chance to sit around and watch TV or play their… Read more »

    By Reggie Smith: I always wondered how I was going to make a living in this life, yet still remain free to be myself.  I have always had a disdain for authority. I saw the obvious way the system is designed to make as many slaves as possible.  I never… Read more »

    By Reggie Smith: I played the character “Scrooge” in the P.S.45 Queens Christmas play when I was in the 5th grade in 1965.  It was a tour’ de force performance that made an indelible impression on me.  I always had questions about the illogical holiday stories we were told, but… Read more »

    By Reggie Smith: For a good part of my youth and beyond, I would consider myself to have been a shy person. I had a hard time saying what was truly on my mind because I was afraid that people would not like me. I never really engaged in the… Read more »

    By Reggie Smith: My father was a New York City Housing Authority policeman who was killed at a party December 18th, 1978. He was out drinking with some people who said he had a heart attack. My good friend was the mortician whom I asked to get his body. That… Read more »

    By Reggie Smith: The holiday season seems to generate feelings and emotions that we can choose to embrace or attempt to escape. Unrealistic expectations and feelings of loneliness can cause us to want to get so high we avoid the pain often associated with loss or discomfort. Our greatest fears… Read more »

    It is exciting to see the advances which are occurring in the treatment of viral diseases such as Hepatitis, Herpes, and HIV.  New antivirals such as the newer formulation of tenofovir (tenofovir alafenamide; TAF; Vemlidy) have been approved for treatment of Hepatitis and HIV in the past few years with… Read more »

    In one week’s time the open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, is set to begin. In each of the three previous enrollment periods the number of participants enrolled has increased, leading to what the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reports as 12.7… Read more »

    By Luther Virgil 10/18/16 As many of you may be aware, Saturday, October 15th was National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD).  NLAAD, coordinated by the Latino Commission on AIDS, is held each year to increase awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS on the Hispanic/Latino population in the United States. Overall,… Read more »

    Although the general need for healthcare has not changed over time, healthcare continues to become more costly for the average American.  The National Business Group on Health (NBGH) has recently released information showing that in the year 2016, the average cost of insurance related co-pays have increased by up to… Read more »

    Over twenty five years ago I became knowingly introduced to a world which included a deadly virus which would eventually have the name–Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). At that time, I did not know how important a role that virus would play in my life. Quickly, the effects of that virus… Read more »

    Although we have been told by experts that approximately 10 times the number of people worldwide have chronic viral hepatitis infection than HIV infection, for many years, the significance of risk of death from HIV has been given an advantage over that from viral hepatitis. The global burden of death… Read more »

    On July 14, 2016, one of the most recognized set of written recommendations for how to treat individuals who are infected with HIV, “The U.S. Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in HIV-1-Infected Adults and Adolescents”, was updated to present what is hoped to be new and improved information… Read more »

    Welcome to, “The Reginald & Dionne Smith Foundation, Inc.” We lovingly call our organization the-RDSF!! Whether you are an individual who is infected with HIV, viral Hepatitis, or a friend, family member, or supporter of someone with the viral infections, we believe you will be both pleased and excited to… Read more »