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Can You Do Less and Achieve More?

by Dr. Luther Virgil The idea of working less but achieving more is not new.  In fact, I think anyone who has been a parent has been exposed to the pleas of children who claim that if they just get a chance to sit around and watch TV or play… Read more »

I’m Still Here…

by Venus Perez-Villars  Trying to understand how I sustained for over 30 years living with HIV and becoming pregnant is the ongoing mystery of my path. I wanted to become a mother, but I could not help worrying whether or not my child would be born ill. Life certainly has… Read more »

The Face of HIV

Over thirty years ago I became knowingly introduced to a world which included a deadly virus which would eventually have the name–Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). At that time, I did not know how important a role that virus would play in my life. Quickly, the effects of that virus would… Read more »

We Don’t Know What we Don’t Know-but Seek and Ye Shall Find

By Reggie Smith When I was young, I had a minimum of control of my emotions and behavior.  At home I threw tantrums when I didn’t get my way.  In school I got excellent marks in academics, but always unsatisfactory in behavior.  My issues were that I was very sensitive… Read more »

Sex and Meditation-Most Fruitful Beyond our Minds

By Reggie Smith I have been having sex of some kind since elementary school.  I did not learn about masturbation until I was 18, mainly because the opportunity to have sex with girls was often available.  I never saw anything wrong with having sex at such a young age.  It… Read more »


Welcome to, “The Reginald & Dionne Smith Foundation, Inc.” We lovingly call our organization the-RDSF!! Whether you are an individual who is infected with HIV, viral Hepatitis, or a friend, family member, or supporter of someone with the viral infections, we believe you will be both pleased and excited to… Read more »