Above All-Show Up and Fight!!

By: Dr. Luther A. Virgil

With the presence of new Federal, State, and Local leadership, the work that many of us do which is aimed at improving the lives of those who are underserved and with less resources looks to be harder.  However, our passion to succeed has not diminished.  Given this, it is my opinion that we have to take the time to re-evaluate

First answer this question, “What Are You Fighting For?”

What are your goals with respect to what you are fighting for?

What is the Path that you wish to take to get to that goal?

Identify the roadblocks and danger zones that you can anticipate by taking that path

Don’t become disillusioned by the new challenges on the horizon and definitely don’ panic!!

Reprogram, revise, re-tool, create new partnerships, and establish new strategies to address the new challenges.

Show Up & Fight!!

As Paul Kawata of NMAC would say, “… we’ve come to understand how important it is to show up and speak truth to power.  We aren’t sitting on the sidelines hoping to be saved.  To end the HIV epidemic, our movement must show up and fight.”