Can You Do Less and Achieve More?

by Dr. Luther Virgil

The idea of working less but achieving more is not new.  In fact, I think anyone who has been a parent has been exposed to the pleas of children who claim that if they just get a chance to sit around and watch TV or play their video game a little longer— they promise that they will get their chores done and probably done better.  Also, I think that anyone who has been a child and has used that line of reasoning on a parent, is well aware of the standard response—“Get your but up and go do your chores!!!”

The well-known FUTUROLOGIST, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, states that you can get more done by getting more rest.  The key is to organize your leisure time appropriately!!! Charles Darwin wrote more than 20 books in his lifetime.  But his routine was to work no more than 4 hours per day.  Charles Dickens wrote 4 hours in the morning then he went on long walks. Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher and the man who famously wrote, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”, also said that all great philosophical ideas come in walking!!!

What all of these great thinkers had in common was that they all recognized that there is a great connection between our working lives and our resting lives.  The two are not competitors and one needs the other.

There must be a balance which takes into the consideration that a person needs to rest in order to be productive. Also, the rest must be done properly.  Most suggest that you must make a conscious effort not to do anything.  You have to let your mind wander.  As they would say in the movie, Frozen—let it go! Let it go!

So mom and dad, maybe the kids are right.  Maybe they are geniuses.  Now if we can only get them to do their chores correctly after they get the rest!!  Now that would be an accomplishment.   If you need some help in learning how to rest, try this site . Otherwise, go take a walk.