All Our Fears are in the Future; Now is Forever

By Reggie Smith:

For a good part of my youth and beyond, I would consider myself to have been a shy person. I had a hard time saying what was truly on my mind because I was afraid that people would not like me. I never really engaged in the kind of teasing that kids do, so that made me an easy target. When interacting with my friends I often took on the role of a news reporter using a pencil for my microphone as my intermediary. As it turns out, that was the beginning of my broadcasting and communications focus in my life, and it was my indication that I have a desire to be a vessel for information. We never really know how these things are going to turn out now, do we?

Regrets and fears can dominate our lives if we do not control them. When I learned that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, it gave me a different perspective. I was usually afraid of an outcome that I had imagined. My fear was simply a predicted outcome that I envisioned. My outcomes were a result of choices made based on my past experiences or the information I had attained. It took time for me to realize that the best thing I could do was make the best choices with the information I had at any given time. I have no control over what the outcome will be; only the hope that probability would work in my favor.

The fear of suffering or death, or that either would happen to a loved one is a seemingly human trait that causes fear too. Fearing that we will lose someone or something; or not get something that we want, causes many of to act in ways that try to force a different reality than the one destiny has for us. I am not saying we should let life push us around. I have learned to live by a set of principles that are universal, and apply to every aspect of life. Love, humility, forgiveness, patience, empathy, honesty, and service are some of the tools we can use to help us stay in the “now moment”. Staying present leaves less time and space for fear to operate.

Regrets would seem to be a less than productive use of time too. It seems better to learn from our past experiences and those of others. When we apply that knowledge to the situations and circumstances we are living in right now, we will neither have time for regrets or fears. Then F.E.A.R becomes Face Everything And Recover (our greatness). We are not here for a long time, so we might as well have a “good” time! Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery; let’s keep the focus on doing what we need to do right now! In other words, don’t be skeered! You already know it is time to #RISE4WAR!