It’s hard to walk balanced on earth; when you’re floating on air

By Reggie Smith

I knew I was a child when I was a kid, but I felt like I deserved the respect of having good sense.  We grew up in an era where adults did not usually negotiate with children.  We did as we were told, or we paid the price of disobedience.  I was a tantrum thrower that wanted my way immediately.  It took me 28 years of painful life experiences to begin to find the right emotional balance, and an effective, reproducible lifestyle that I would need to navigate this life in peace.  Some folks never learn though, right?

This world is filled with those who lie, steal, cheat, and do whatever is needed in order to have their way.  Our so-called leaders are often the most vivid pictures of blatant hypocrisy.  The current person sitting in the office of president apparently is considered a pathological liar by some, and admired by many because his tactics have allowed him to acquire great wealth and power.  People often crave fame and fortune, and many are willing to commit crimes against society, humanity, and nature to attain them.  It seems that lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego are winning these days, doesn’t it?

It would be nice, and certainly transformative, if the status quo (SQ), or the people who hold positions of power and influence would act with more integrity.  We would all benefit if more people would live by the spiritual principles of forgiveness, hope, and love.  There are so many people who actually do live their lives serving the greater good.  It is a wonder how the hypocrites keeping getting and keeping power over the masses.  Religions, governments, politics, police, and the judicial system are run by, and filled with those whose lust for, and attachment to power cloud their minds.  It is difficult to walk with balance when you are walking on the backs of others, right?  Heck, it hard to be balanced when you’re doing so well that you are walking on air too!

On this journey called life, we are often reminded of our primary purpose is to love ourselves and each other.  We are often motivated to have empathy by the “pain of separation”. Life can take something we love, or tantalize us by putting something or someone we love just out reach. That pain reminds us our true home is in the kingdom of heaven within. It is that “heaven”, and only there, we find the peace beyond understanding.  In the spirit of my desire for those who are abusing their power to have enlightenment, I wish them the “gift” of pain.  Hopefully they will be blessed to experience the kind of pain that forced so many of us to have the spiritual awakenings that have motivated us to change. Those of us who had been powerless over our behaviors, and whose lives had become unmanageable; have come to believe a power greater than us could restore us to sanity.  It is that pain that inspired us with the desire to truly serve with compassion.

Meditation and unselfish service to others is how we assuage our pain, and fill the void that is a constant companion of our human existence. For this reason we are grateful for the human form, because this is where we can make the most progress in our journey home. My home is with the universal power that I call God.  Serving on earth, and finding our way home, is what true warriors are here to do.  After all, you are more than a follower, you are a warrior!