Let’s Keep On Moving and Moving!

It is exciting to see the advances which are occurring in the treatment of viral diseases such as Hepatitis, Herpes, and HIV.  New antivirals such as the newer formulation of tenofovir (tenofovir alafenamide; TAF; Vemlidy) have been approved for treatment of Hepatitis and HIV in the past few years with significant positive effects. Some experts have stated that there is currently a “revolution “of new viral treatments for illnesses which until recently were thought to be out of reach of serious treatment. Although we can be excited about the discovery of new treatment options, we continue to see unacceptable effects of the viral illnesses mentioned.  These effects are due to the challenge of implementing the treatments to the millions of people around the world who need the therapies.

One of our greatest challenges at this time is the overcoming of the barriers to treatment.  This is especially important in underdeveloped nations but also remains serious in developed nations. In fact, throughout the world it has been recently reported that 17 million people worldwide are getting treatment for HIV while another 20 million people need therapy but can’t get it. This is an example of the need to keep-moving and moving-towards overcoming the barriers to getting treatment.  After all, if you take a horse to water but the horse can’t reach it—what good is having the water!!