We May Have to be in the World; But it’s best Not to be of It

By Reggie Smith:

I always wondered how I was going to make a living in this life, yet still remain free to be myself.  I have always had a disdain for authority. I saw the obvious way the system is designed to make as many slaves as possible.  I never intended to submit to the indoctrination schools, churches, society, and the politics being promoted.  It may have seem antisocial, but it has always been illogical to me that I would work all my life just to retire and then start really living.  I knew I would have to find something I enjoyed doing in order to make enough money, and be free enough to live my entire life as I please.  After all, we are not here for a long time; we’re here for a good time, right?

It was hard for me to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up until I realized I love music and learning about people.  I enjoy helping others identify their dreams, and I love inspiring them to have confidence in attaining them.  By doing so I encourage myself to do believe in myself.  Even though I retired as a journeyman electrician, being a radio/tv personality/producer, DJ, and author are vocations that resonate with my spirit much more.  The world can get us caught in the web of satisfying necessity, but we can’t let fear, stress, anger, or even lust keep us from searching our spirits and staying connected to our dreams and the source of our life energy.

Right now we are experiencing great challenges in finding peace and sanity in this world.  We have to live in the world, so we will best serve the world by bringing our most purest frequencies together in harmony.  Evil and discord pervade our spirits in an attempt to create chaos and discord, but we must resist by raising our vibrations to a crescendo that will drown out the noise and discordance.  Wellness, awareness, and recovery are ways that we can live in this world but not be of it.  Let’s be vigilant about eating well and living a stress free life.

Life can be really hard work.  We have to find ways to combat or alleviate stress in our lives.  One of the reasons why we include music in RISE4WAR E-Magazine is because music has a healing effect.  Music has a way of permeating our cells at frequencies that energize us and raise our vibrations.  Different people are affected by different kinds of music based on the frequency we are operating at.  I understand that “soul music” is called that because it speaks to those who feel the bass and whose rhythm is “on the one”.  Rock music is more focused on the treble frequency.  “House” music (like church music) is mesmerizing and it creates a kundalini experience where our energies rise from the genitals, through our hearts, straight out of our minds into the upper room.  Whatever music can get you to lose your mind, now is a great time to leave this world when you can.

No matter what is going on in the world, we are responsible for our own wellness!  Stress is one of the greatest enemies of our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellness.  We all can get caught up in the madness of our lives in this crazy world, but when we remember to use music as therapy, we are healed.  We need to know that you are watching the music videos and listening to the music mixes we provide for your healing because we want to know that you are taking your medicine.  Let’s continue to share healing solutions for each other and ourselves here so we can RISE4WAR!