Sex and Meditation-Most Fruitful Beyond our Minds

By Reggie Smith

I have been having sex of some kind since elementary school.  I did not learn about masturbation until I was 18, mainly because the opportunity to have sex with girls was often available.  I never saw anything wrong with having sex at such a young age.  It was very flattering that someone would care enough about me to share their bodies in such an intimate way.  That was a big boost to a fragile young ego like mine.  It also satisfied my need to love and be loved.  Sex was also my first real attempt to experience a state of being that was beyond this world, and a momentary release from the persistent chatter of my mind. Orgasms are a great way to lose our minds, isn’t it?

American schools and culture don’t do a very good job of discussing, explaining, or providing sexual education, do we? There was a time when pregnancy or treatable diseases were the biggest issues to be concerned about.  The ‘60’s and ‘70’s were the “free love” generation, and with good reason.  It seemed like the world was certainly going to end soon so we might as well have the best time possible.  Drugs are closely associated to sex because they help us escape reality for as long as possible.  Some people get addicted to either or both.  Maybe if we had a better understanding of our sexual selves, we might be able to use sex as a form of meditation instead of sport?  Of course, there is no judgment involved with the observation made here, just the desire for enlightenment and love.

For some, enlightenment is seen as “a state of being marked by a celebration of the powers of human reason, a keen interest in science, the promotion of religious toleration, and a desire to construct governments free of tyranny.” For others, enlightenment is “a state of transcendent divine experience.”  Either philosophical approach would be helpful to the world right now simply by stressing the importance of reason and the critical reappraisal of existing ideas and social institutions.  The world is in dire need of such a reappraisal, and America seems to need enlightenment more than most.

As humans, our minds are the most powerful part of our connection to this world.  We create using our minds.  Nothing proves that better than procreation; our ability to reproduce.  In order to evolve as a human race, we create more than just children.  We also produce thoughts and ideas that manifest into wonderful creations.  It is best when we create from a place of love instead of ego gratification. Our minds job is to keep us engaged in this world.  Our fear of death resides in our mind and survival is a driving force for all life. The mind has a source too, and it needs to be powered by something greater than itself.  Love and meditation is a source of power for the mind and body.  As more of us become enlightened, so do our families, communities, nations, and the world!  We are living in an age of enlightenment.  How are you empowering yourself and preparing for the paradigm shift?