Temporary Body, Finite Mind, & Eternal Soul

By Reggie Smith

I remember certain things from the time when I was a baby.  My mother confirms the events, but she says there is no way I should remember them.  Most people think that infants can’t think or remember certain facts or emotions just because they have not yet chosen to speak in the language that prevails in their society.  I remember my father lying back on the bed with me high above his head, playfully tossing me up and down while I drooled in his face.  To go even further back, I remember the doctor slapping me on my butt at birth!  I often say he did not need to do that because I would have cried anyway because I did not want to leave the warmth of the womb.  Moreover, I did not want to leave the glow of the ocean of love I experienced at the beginning of mental consciousness.  Can you remember that feeling?

Many people remember the feeling of original love, but the more we are engaged in the distractions and experiences of the world, the harder love is to maintain or revive.  Our bodies can be a tool we use to spark emotions, and that engages our minds to connect with the “love energy” that is available to us all.  Our challenge, as humans, is that the mind and body are temporary, complex, and can only take us so far.  Sex is certainly one of the main ways we try to recreate that “love energy”, but even sex can only take us but so far.  Besides, orgasms are fun, but there has to be more than a quick glimpse of “the light”, doesn’t it?  Do we have to die to be in the “upper room”?  Can we die while living through meditation?

I sure would like to take a trip back home to the “kingdom of heaven within” while I am still in the human flesh.  I’d enjoy the experience more with a spiritual guide to show me around the higher planes of existence.  How wonderful it would be for my soul to enjoy pure love again.  I vaguely remember how it felt to be safe and vibrating at a rate that is beyond all fear.  There are things here on earth that reminds me of love, but I sense that “pure love” is something more, and yes, attainable while in the human form, don’t you?  Might that even be the true purpose of life?

Human life is temporary for all of us.  I am reminded of that almost daily as I watch so many human souls that I call family and friends transcend.  It seems that as humans we have to multitask through life.  Navigating through the distractions, contributing to evolution, while fanning the flames of love are among life’s great challenges.  I may not be here for a long time, but while I am here I might as well have a good time.  I did not want to come back to the planet, but I have faith that I am here for a reason.  I will keep hope alive in my mind, and seek to continually raise our vibration by sharing love.  We all have that love in us, and it is time for love to RISE4WAR!!