If You Think You Have to Get High, My Question is Why?

By Reggie Smith:

The holiday season seems to generate feelings and emotions that we can choose to embrace or attempt to escape. Unrealistic expectations and feelings of loneliness can cause us to want to get so high we avoid the pain often associated with loss or discomfort. Our greatest fears are that we will lose something we have, or not get something we want. Holidays often heighten those feelings for some reason, don’t they?

Drinking and drugging can be a great temporary solution. I have often used it in the past myself. I did so to overcome whatever level of depression I was in so that I would be able to socialize with family and friends. Being high was the easiest way for me to access my “representative”, that person I wanted the public to interact with while the REAL me could hide in the dark recesses of my mind and sulk in peace. Unfortunately, “representative” demanded more and more control, and became too expensive to employ.

The price of escapism could be extremely costly. It may be OK to have a drink or two, or even make it do what it do with a joint if you’re blue. If you turn into “that dude” when you get high, or you can’t stop when you get nice, you may have a problem. More importantly, you may create a problem for your(real)self and others. People end up in jails, institutions, and even dead as a result of trying to “get high” and fit in. I do not hate, I am simply relating our desire for all of us to enjoy the holidays.

Time, like holidays, is a mental construct. It is one thing to play the role, but it is another to let the role play you. Let’s keep everything in perspective and be grateful for the time we have. The time we have is now. If you already know you have a disease, or think you have a problem with drugs (alcohol is a drug), there are plenty of 12-step meetings and functions you can hang out at and not ruin yourself trying to fit in with people, places or things. We can’t run from ourselves. Everywhere we go; there we are! The holidays come and go. We would much rather talk to you, and not about you! As always I remind you that it is time to #RISE4WAR!