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At The Reginald and Dionne Smith Foundation, Inc. (RDSF) we believe that education is a “right” for those infected and affected by illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, viral Hepatitis, and addictions or Substance Use Disorders (SUD). We recognize that education forms the very essence of how successful we all are at overcoming illnesses, because how we respond is influenced greatly by what we know and have learned, either through instructions, observation, or assimilation. As individuals dedicated to extending and improving the lives of those with illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and viral Hepatitis, we accept the responsibility of helping to provide useful education to men and women living with the diseases, their partners, family members, and advocates.

Since 2012, The RDSF has been working with local, national, and international partners to provide vetted information to the very people who need it the most; the underserved communities. Also, we have the lived experience that resonates with those we share knowledge and information with. We know that there is much more to healing from and living with the diagnosis of these diseases. We address the mental and emotional trauma that is a root cause of why these conditions tend to proliferate more rapidly in some communities. We also educate each other about the holistic healing solutions available.

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