Our Focus:

Spring Giving Campaign

As we kick off one of our most impactful fundraisers, we reflect on the unprecedented times we have weathered together over the last year. Despite the odds, we have come out stronger and our commitment to provide education, advocacy, resources, and links to care for families affected by HIV, Hepatitis, and substance use disorders has remained unchanged.

That’s why we are asking you to join us during this very special time to make a difference in the lives of families affected by HIV and addictions. For the entire month of May we will be coming together as a community in the wellness, awareness, recovery network (http://www.therdsf.mn.co), sharing stories and raising funds to continue our mission. In response to the needs of our community, we are developing programs to address the trauma, loss and healing solutions needed as a result of our loss from, and experiences living with COVID – 19.

Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to The Reginald & Dionne Smith Foundation to help our community when they need it most. Help spread the word of our Spring Giving Campaign fundraiser across social media and word of mouth. You can even sign up to become one of our Spring Giving Campaign ambassadors and fundraise on our behalf by going to (link). We’ll provide you with tools and support to make it easy and fun! Your support and generosity of any kind is appreciated now more than ever. The families affected by HIV and addictions are counting on us.

With gratitude,
Reggie and Dionne Smith

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